Spatial Audio

Soundome + Two One Six Residency

Project Details:

A residency to further the investigation into spatialising live electronic music with performing artists.

Location: Soundome, Bennetsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Artists in residency:

Walt Nied

Scott Robinson

Dillon Reid

Julianne Murray

Kieran Kehoe

Facilitated by Tom Watts

The ‘Soundome + Two One Six’  residency took place near Kilkenny in August 2019 and was a collaboration between the maker of Soundome Tom Watts and the Limerick art and music collective Two One Six. The residency had two main objectives:

  • To see if my previously developed software would be feasible for the control of the Soundome.
  • Allow access to the Soundome to a handful of Limerick artists to experiment with.

  • Four artists from Limerick were selected to partake and all approached the situation in different ways. Each artist had a time slot of two days that they spent learning the ropes of spatial audio and working together with Tom and myself to devise a final product, each was presented at a showcasing at the end of the two weeks. Out of this came three live performances and an interactive sound installation by Scott Robsinon titled ‘Plastic Tears’. The whole experience was crowned with a live performance from Dublin artist Somadrone from his ‘Ordnance Survey’  project.

    The residency ended with three of the live performances utilising my custom software and showed promising results. It also highlighted much room for improvements and alterations which will be made in the future.