Stage Design / Visual Design

Cabal in the Courtyard

Project Details:

44 LED Panel stage designed for 1000 capacity outdoor event.
Custom real-time visuals running in TouchDesigner, Processing and Resolume.
Featured DJ's: Brame and Hamo. DJ Deece. Cabal Residents.

Event constructed by Cabal.
Production Manager by Ben Mc Mahon
Stage design and visual design by Scott Robinson, Roisin Berg and Walt Nied

Cabal was approached by the University of Limerick to host a large-scale event which marked the end-of-year for students. Needed was a feasible stage design which would both fit the budget and the stage rented plus we needed a design which we felt enhanced the live experience for the viewer and gave us enough space to work with to make compelling visuals for an entire night.

Between us three, we decided to split up the night into three sections. Each would design visuals with a certain theme which helped split the work and gave the viewer a sense of progression through the entire experience.

This event was repeated the following two years by Cabal with Scott and Roisin helming the project.

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