Art Curation

Concept NULL 2021

Project Details:

Temporary New Media Art gallery including sound art, video art, light art and projection mapping.

Location: Shannon Rowing Club, Sarsfield Bridge, Limerick.

The Team:

Media Manager/PR/Admin: Walter Nied

Arts Curator/Technical Director: Roisin Berg

Music Director: Dylan O’Mahony

Accounts/Admin/Stagehand: Donal Ryan

Transport/Live Streaming: Jordan Donworth

Funded by: University of Limerick’s C.S.I.S dept, Science & Engineering dept and the Limerick City Council.

At its core, the aim was to host an event that resembles the traditional 'club night' experience while retaining a foot in cutting-edge, forward-thinking technologies to be used in the creative context and challenge the traditional art gallery environment. The inhibitionless enjoyment of art in a club coupled with the more thorough conceptual and technical execution of an art gallery.

After three years of planning and a pandemic in between, it amalgamated itself into a one-day New Media Art gallery in the heart of Limerick, at the Shannon Rowing Club.

Due to the pandemic 'live music' was disallowed, so we located the performers upstairs and live captured their performance through AI pose detection and translated into a projected real-time video which was streamed into the gallery and onto Youtube live.

We delivered this event in its completion on an very modest budget which was achieved through our combined skill sets, varied support from institutions and people in the Limerick art scene.

The artists and performers exhibited were YÚLON, Ciara Barker, Lower Your Expectation, Doubt, Mícheál Keating, Tension, John Welby, Adam Deegan, An Eldritch Abomination.

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