Art Curation

New Media Art Event

Project Details:

Temporary New Media Art gallery including sound art, video art, light art and projection mapping.

Location: Shannon Rowing Club, Sarsfield Bridge, Limerick.

The Team:

Media Manager/PR/Admin: Walter Nied

Arts Curator/Technical Director: Roisin Berg

Music Director: Dylan O’Mahony

Accounts/Admin/Stagehand: Donal Ryan

Transport/Live Streaming: Jordan Donworth

Funded by: University of Limerick’s C.S.I.S dept, Science & Engineering dept and the Limerick City Council.

Concept NULL began back in 2019 as a club night which resembled the traditional 'club’ experience while exploring cutting-edge, forward-thinking technologies to be used in creative contexts and challenge the traditional concepts of ‘club’ and ‘gallery’.

Three years later, with the help of the University of Limerick and the Limerick City Council, we produced a one-day new media art gallery situated in the historic building of the Shannon Rowing Club. Five installation artists were commissioned occupying three rooms along with four music performers who we felt were at the cross section of art and technology in Limerick and the west of Ireland.

I built a program which live-captured the music performances through computer vision and re-represented these downstairs in the gallery as a ‘ virtual performer ‘ playing in the gallery, three floors down. This was done to comply with covid regulations of ‘live music’ and raised questions in itself about the nature of ‘liveness’.

The artists and performers exhibited were YÚLON, Ciara Barker, Lower Your Expectation, Doubt, Mícheál Keating, Tension, John Welby, Adam Deegan, An Eldritch Abomination.

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