Exploring Hyperaudio and Spatial Sound

Project Details:

Funded by the University of Limerick

5th of June - 14th of August 2017

In comparison to spatial audio, Hyperaudio is a relatively unexplored topic which attempts to present and traverse information in a non-linear fashion. This concept is the same as the one of Hypermedia (e.g. the internet) but emphasises the use of audio as its display method. This led to my natural involvement of spatial sound technologies, more specifically, the Spatial Auditory Display Environment (SpADE) as it allows for a much wider display area then headphones. A Max/MSP patch was created to further investigate Kobayashi et al’s exploitation of ‘spatial memory’ in the loudspeaker domain. I conducted a pilot study to validate my approach taken but results proved inconclusive. From what research I have found, a beneficial and cost effective Hyperaudio system has yet to be developed.