Spatial Audio

Spatialisation System for Rhythm-Heavy Dance Music

Project Details:

Software prototype development and design.

University of Limerick - Final Year Project.

Hardware requirements:

8-channel or higher equidistant loudspeaker array.

Server computer for running software (optional).

Repetition and rhythm are pivotal points that are stressed heavily in many varieties of electronic dance music. They are the backbone that keep all elements in constant pulse and flow. Peaking an interest in spatial sound, I questioned how these structures and elements could be spatialised in a manner that is supportive and how this process can be adapted to use in a live environment.

Developed in Cycling 74's Max/MSP and utilising Vector-Based Amplitude Panning, the system is designed to take in eight audio channels and a clock signal for synchronization. Control of the system is done with a compact MIDI controller that is adapted to be used in a live context.

This project is an ongoing development and was continued later on in a residency which you can read more about here.