Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping: 30 Years 'Wiedervereinigung'

Project Details:

38m facade mapping projected with 2 Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors.

Location: Wismar Rathaus, Am Markt, Wismar, Germany.

The Team:

Director: Kristina Shopov

Creative Director: Christopher Schäfer

Music and Lighting design: Visual Acoustic Labor

Production Company: SL Wismar

Funded by the city council of Wismar

The city council of Wismar commissioned a large-scale multimedia work involving the mapping of the ' Rathaus ', in celebration of the 30 years ' Wiedervereinigung ' (reunion) of east and west Germany. Personal stories and first hand accounts from the residents of Wismar were interwoven with modern animations and archival footage from the city library to tell a story which was aimed to reveal what may have been forgotten and take the viewer back to these pivotal times. The show concluded with a visual show produced to the track ‘Am Fenster’ which echoed sentiments at that time.

I was asked onboard as the main animation artist and technical advisor. My role at first was to create a scale accurate 3D model of the building which would later be used to test our design. This model, created through photogrammetry, was then used to create all the visual animations which the interviewees and their photos were placed on top of.